Welcome from the Scientific Director

A greeting from the CIBERCV, and many thanks for visiting our virtual centre, where we would like to give you a very warm welcome to the page.

Cardiovascular diseases are the greatest threat for human health and the main healthcare priority in advanced societies, through being are the most harmful as regards death, chronicity and invalidity, also consuming the lion’s share in healthcare expense. Although a great deal has been achieved in the fight against these diseases, their impact continues to escalate dramatically, in view of their close association with longevity and the enormous gaps even now in knowledge of the genetic and molecular mechanisms involved in their appearance and development. It should therefore be no surprise that research in this field should be considered a priority by the citizens and authorities who really believe in the importance of biomedical science.

The Centro de Investigación en Red de Enfermedades Cardiovasculares (CIBERCV) pools the work done by over 480 scientists from 40 excellence research groups spread almost all over Spain, with major presence in the National Health System, as well as in our main Healthcare Research Institutes, Universities and Research Centres.

We would like to make the greatest possible contribution to the search for a long and quality life for men and women through cooperative and practical excellence research resulting in the prevention and cure of cardiovascular system diseases or in delaying their appearance and palliating their after-effects; all in a responsible multidisciplinary framework of humanity, fairness and personalised diagnostic and therapeutic strategies. We are obsessed by seeking, recruiting and retaining youthful talent because we consider this to be the greatest determining factor in the future of Spanish cardiovascular science. That is why we devote a good deal of our efforts to fostering our vocation and attracting young scientists from any discipline to this field. We also make every effort to transfer scientific knowledge to the production sector through our firm commitment to furthering innovation and fostering generation of wealth and return to Society.

We would like this page to be a way to heighten the whole population’s awareness about our work, and offer ourselves to them unreservedly; to sincerely thank them for the opportunity which we have been given to serve them, and gain their complicity.

Yours truly

Francisco Fernández-Avilés

Scientific Director of CIBERCV