Steering Committee members

Francisco Fernández-Avilés Scientific Director
Javier Bermejo Subdirector
David García-Dorado Coordinator of the General Research Program
Borja Ibáñez Coordinator of the Training and Mobility Program
Lina Badimón Coordinator of the International and Institutional Relations Program
Francisco Fernandez-Avilés / Juan Cinca Program Coordinators 1: Cardiac Damage and Associated Consequences
David García-Dorado / Alberto  San Román Program Coordinators 2: Arterial Disease, Myocardial Ischemia and Structural Damage
Jaume Marrugat Program Coordinators 3: Cardiovascular Epidemiology and Risk Factors
Javier Díez Program Coordinators 4: Molecular and Imaging Biomarkers; Precision Cardiovascular Medicine
Margarita Blázquez Representative of ISCIII
Manuel Sánchez Managment
Attached to Scientific Director
Ana Fernández-Baza Administration and communication
Andreu Climent Quality Control and Scientific ActivityAndreu Climent