Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación

52nd Annual Scientifi Meeting of the European Society for Clinical Investigation (ESCI)

Desde el miércoles, 30 de mayo de 2018 hasta el viernes, 1 de junio de 2018

Local Organisers:  Gema Frühbeck (Clínica Univ. de Navarra – CIBEROBN) y Lina Badimón (Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau – CIBERCV)

Workshop 6 CIBERFES  “Precision nutrition” June, 1st -> Cristina Andrés Lacueva y Xavier Nogués Solán 

Venue: Barceló Sants Hotel Orbital

The overarching topic of the congress is “Precision medicine for healthy ageing”. As usual from Wednesday to Friday the traditional high quality workshops on Phagocyte biology, Mitochondria, Cardiology and Hepatology & digestive diseases will provide a forum for discussion, debate and meeting of clinicians and scientists with a genuine interest in uncovering disease mechanisms in a friendly athmosphere. Cardiovascular diseases will feature particularly strongly at ESCI2018 with the Cardiology Workshop presented in connection to CIBERCV. Obesity will be also strongly imbricated in the programme in collaboration with the CIBEROBN. Nutrition will focus a great deal of attention by the PrediMed researchers of CIBEROBN in collaboration with colleagues from the Harvard School of Public Health in the “Omics: advances, applications and translation in nutrition & epidemiology” and the “Precision nutrition” Workshops. Additionally, the Hepato-Gastroenterology & Lipids Workshop will be carried out in connection with the CIBEREHD. Undoubtedly, these incorporations will provide novel and very timely topics for discussion and interaction between participants.

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